Best Bank account

Can anyone help, I have a current account with Barclays but they are chargin me a fortune, can anyone recommend a cheap current account with internet banking ?


MAY i add that the language of finance and tax is a world apart from

the simplicity of French/English.

It is purely a battle of the wits.

Seems to me that bank managers are taking on an identity which is very unappealing.

They are getting more and more like car salesmen.

They will do anything that they feel that they can get away with.

I am in battle with a bank which employs English speaking staff

to woo innicent people into false confidence situation.

So big and so powerful...but bad press is not good for banks.

Be very careful.

Run away from everything begining with B

la banque postale if you want face to face and branches everywhere, cheapest mainstreet by a long way, ING and various others if you're happy with internet banking. Credit card from Oney for free , don't take any bank's credit card (apart from ING) as they nearly always cost, this is a common question with various threads pointing you in the right direction ;-)