Best/cheapest way to install French TV

(Karen Dempsey) #1

Hi. I'm looking for the best/cheapest way to install French TV in our gites. We already have free UK Sky channels set up but with more and more French speakers booking with us, I need to get just a few French channels at least to run alongside the UK TV. I thought about just getting a dish and box from Brico Depot but if anyone has any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

(Shirley Morgan) #2

…i havé same as You Dave, but with humaxbox/satdish and Aerial strapped to chimney. All works fine. Existing aerial been There a couple of years or more.

(Kent Shelley) #3

Thank you for your correction. I did realise the moment I posted it but didn't consider it worth bothering to edit it.

But one can always depend on someone who can't resist the urge to put one right.

(michael linsell) #4

Yes an "AERIAL" not ariel is all you need for French terrestrial digital tv. We get over 20 free French channels near Le Teilleul.


(Theo Fruendt) #5

SAT receiver, - use your current sat but adjust to Astra two as well with your second LNB.

(Kent Shelley) #6

Ordinary ariel + ordinary TV set works fine for us; loads of French channels.

(Karen Dempsey) #7

The TV's are new this year so it looks like I may just need an aerial. Thank you all for the info.

(Claire OWEN) #8

Agree with Janet, just stick an ariel up end of .

(janet letchford) #9

We just got an ariel put up cost €40 and we now have loads of french TV. No decoders no dishes just an ariel!

(Dave Spokes) #10

I think it depends on reception where you live. We have a dish and Sky box for English TV plus a normal aerial strapped on the chimney for digital French TV (no satellite dish). The aerial cable plugs straight into our main TV and gives loads of French digital channels including news. We have an older TV in another room which does not have its own decoder, so I bought a very cheap digibox on-line for that one. It has a separate cable from the same aerial.

(neil whitehead) #11

Cheap French decoder box (Astrell 25€) and a table-top antenne - cheaper than satellite (15€). You can receive most of the French channels this way - just like Freeview in UK as against Freesat. You could get the equipment secondhand from a troc. If you have modern French TV's they will have the decoder built-in.