Best/cheapest ways to stay online, on the move

hi there,

I am looking to get an ipad or something similiar but really need to find out the best/cheapest ways to stay online when on the move.

It would be great to know if any of you use the same device & account when back in the UK?

We have Orange at home for internet and the landline but I know they do 3G devices etc… but im not sure they are the cheapest! :slight_smile:

It seems so complicated/expensive staying in touch (either online or by phone) when travelling between the UK and France!

Thanks in advance for any advice


The Chromebook is looking like a really good option for your 3G connect, but you would need to check roaming charges if they varied from those Quoted.


The iPad is also a good option, but more expensive, and is a consumer technology as opposed to a creator technology. So you need to think what the device is going to be used for most often.