Best Dentist Mutuelle?

I've been brave and gone to the dentist... he came recommended & is charming and professional.

He's given me a whopping devis for work that I knew I had to have done (from my last exam in the uk...)

Anyway - he's sent me off with instructions to go get a mutuelle... the husband will have to go sooner not later too.

any thoughts lovely people?

(i should say we don't have any other health insurance - and hope not to!)

round them up into a confined space, pick out an individual then dive at it and grab whatever you can, no mercy! over time you'll have them eating out of your hand and pecking your shoe laces but it's always difficult to start of with, bonne chance ;-)

thanks Andrew - as always very helpful

now if only you could help me with catching the chicken advice !...

cheers sarah - i'll email you

! x

50€ sounds about right for complete "top-up" cover for everything, I only pay 20€ a month but have only limited optical cover, my OH pays around 50€ a month for everything but she has the kids on hers too which bumps things up too

Hi Teresa

I always use SanteVie UMT - office in Castres is next to the Hotel des Impots. And as the carte Vitale only covers a percentage of any health care it is worth getting a mutuelle at some point as medical bills can pile up. My mutuelle with them costs 50e a month and as well as covering GP/hospital visits/prescriptions it includes opticians, dental work, osteopath etc etc

Hi Teresa, there are so many all with various levels of cover. I'm with le refuge mutualiste aveyronnais which is a little local one that does as well as the big mutuelles. I had a good quote from macif too but in the end it really depends on who you are and what you're looking for and there are countless "comparateurs" on the internet where you feed in your details and the computer does the rest, here are just a couple: