Best Ever Feel Good TV

My favourite TV of the moment, just because it is so inspiring is The Repair Shop on the BBC.
Never have I seen so many grown men crying and for the best of all reasons.
Last night’s episode was just wonderful.
An elderly deaf man whose grandfather gave him a clock which was built into a model ship came into the Repair Shop - and the guys in the shop were signing him.
If you haven’t watched it and you can get i-player (VPN or something) and you want to watch something that will be uplifting and make you believe in humanity, this is it.


I honestly think that The Repair Shop is the best programme the BBC has made for years.

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The male role models are interesting, aren’t they? Up to a point, the gender division is quite traditional - the men mostly do technical repairs, woodwork, metalwork, etc, the women do ceramics, textiles, soft-furnishings, soft toys, etc. But there is shared respect, co-working, and none of the old macho posturing or simpering femininity - ‘equal but different’ in the words of the old song. Hope lots of little boys are watching and learning.

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A favourite chez nous as well.

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And the lovely story behind the clock, even down to the artisans using sign :heart_eyes:

I agree, a really heartwarming programme, and, being of a certain age, have a bit of a yen for Susie, the sewing lady. (Not the hilarious 2 toy ladies who are, along with everyone else, terrific.)

Nothing to do with living in a house where no-one can sew at all though. :roll_eyes:

On the other hand, from the same stable I think, I really cringe at the the Recycle programme. All very worthy but I hate seeing much treasured articles turned into something they are not. And I seem to not be alone, as they do stuff for each other from time to time which tells me that they don’t get enough ‘customers’.

I hardly throw anything away and often use things for other than they were intended, true re-cycling, but not items I have loved.

She is fabulous isn’t she. And I really love her brother Steve (he of the clocks).

The stand out for me was The Detectorists. It took me to a better more gentle place every week.

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I go back a good way. ’ A Fine Romance’ with Judy Dench and her husband Michael Willliams.
The comedy was brilliant and you needed a bit of a brain to follow it, which is probably why it only ran for one series.

OFTG always made me laugh out loud.

Have you paid your UK TV licence as a good will gesture for watching The repair shop?

There were actually four series Jane.

Just Googled it and it is Season 8 Episode 3 … hard to get as we are in Australia but hope it comes on YouTube soon, as it sounds wonderful … Jay’s life story was inspirational and I hope his legacy and kindness helps everyone who felt life was against them

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I don’t have Netflix, but caught a trailer of a programme I would have liked to watch called “My Octopus Teacher” a feel-good programme about the relationship between a diver and an octopus.

Has anyone seen it?

Yes, it’s wonderful.

:frowning: our bandwidth doesn’t support us getting netflix…

Wow that really is poor. Our speed is low at less than 2mb but we can watch Netflix.

Would 4G work for you?

What type of connection do you have? I’m guessing a very poor one using your landline.

For me well I prefer the very down to earth look at country life in the form of The darling Buds of May.Bright and breezy and so refreshing.
And love The
Not feeling so good but it is brilliant,really brilliant Call the midwife

For all the time we’ve been in France until this year our bandwidth was never more than 2mb on a good day and many days only 1mb. We never had a problem watching Netflix or Prime.