Best jeans - and French!

Many SF members must remember, ‘proper’ 501 Levis with the all-important selvedge, available in Europe from the late Sixties until when? They’re still available but now cost around $250 or more. Anyhow, these made in France jeans don’t just come close to them, the cut, weight of the denim and the cost is so much better. See:-


and cocorico for other items :wink:

Nice stuff!

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to wean my OH off Levi 501’s…! Now he has reached a certain age the cut of them no longer suits his shape, as he has lost some of the glute muscle mass he used to have and that the jeans are designed to accommodate. He is slim built, and even with lots of walking, cycling and manual stuff the change is obvious (from behind). And I see the same when I am walking behind other similarly clad older men - not that I stare at men’s bums of course!!

So before you invest do check your derrièree :wink:


Ah, Clarkson Syndrome - first buy your chap some stout, manly braces instead of a skinny belt. Then get him a set of weights to sort out the backside and stomach. And lastly, choose a traditionally cut jean in heavier denim.

Levi 501s have been made of rubbish denim for twenty or thirty years. Some time in the Eighties, I researched a history of blue jean styling for a UK fashion company and I’d say that these French jeans have a better, more old-fashioned, higher waisted cut than present day 501s.

The Blackburn company, Community Clothing has a really interesting ethical business / production model that emphasises the local and uses what would otherwise be downtime in textile mills to produce their garments. This year they also started growing and harvesting their own hemp . They sell similar jeans in a slightly lighter weight of denim.

A similar but upmarket french version is Atelier Tuffery in the Cevennes, who’ve been making raw indigo jeans since the 1890s . Their marketing schtick is rather less down to earth than CC, but it’s a lovely web site to browse, even if you don’t like their artisanal prices.

Good quality well-cut jeans don’t just last longer, they give the wearer far more pleasure and satisafaction. And if they’re also local, so much the better.

OMG!! :scream_cat::scream::woman_facepalming:t3: Nowhere near that pudgy, unhealthy looking racist right wing monster with a belly on his belt thank you very much! OH is slim, verging on skinny, and does his daily quota of exercise for wellbeing and fitness. And there’s little worse than people wasting time and money on trying to hold back time. Even Joseph Pilates didn’t have much of a bum in later life. So I will continue to encourage him to get a more suitable cut of jeans which fits his natural shape rather than trying to spend hours in a gym changing his shape.

Try Wurth, mr h buys all his work clothes there and has just fallen in love with their jeans. As chief washer person I can vouch for the quality of the t shirts too. Much better than anything bought in a ‘normal’ shop.

I’m sure Wurth jeans are very good, but I was recommending a very different beast, jeans that are like those of fifty years ago, whose heavy, raw denim was woven on narrow, vintage looms and was of a much higher quality than the lighter cotton and elasthene mix used in most of today’s fashion jeans.

On the other hand, to be fair, you do look far too young to be expected to remember any of that! :wink:

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Ha ha ! No , totally get you re Levis and changing quality. That is part of the reason Mr H stopped wearing them but I mentioned Wurth as a good fit for guys who are fairly slim in the upper thighs :slight_smile:

So that’s a NO for me then!

Does Mr H have long legs? As my Mr does, which is one reason he likes Levis as have a 30 waist/32 leg. I did get him to try on jeans in a French shop and they all flapped around his lower calf….

These ‘proper’ jeans look like they have a slimmer French cut and, as the denim’s 14oz (seriously thick), they’re unlikely to ‘flap’. Note also use of a more mature model!

Yes he does and I absolutely hear you re most jeans being too short. As well as too bulky in the thigh / bum area. Leg length is also 32 I think.

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So wonderful to find a topic that is not about politics! Please keep posting guys. :grin:
I can confirm the flabby bottom look - sadly for both of us! Where did those muscles go?


With age gravity has a much amplified effect :wink::smiley:

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Disappearing bottom syndrome….: “As we age, fat naturally atrophies and the skin can become loose, making the butt appear as if it’s sagging. … Plus, we lose an average of 5% of muscle mass every 10 years after the age of 35, which also affects the shape of your rear.”

Squats, squats and a few more squats….

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You do mine for me and I’ll watch from the sidelines :laughing:


501-Levies from off the net here. But, the site is in the US, so you might need someone to pick up the jeans and mail them to you. However, jean prices (Levies and other than Levies) in France may be more acceptable here?: Levi's 501 Original Fit Jeans Homme : Levis Red Tab: Vêtements

For those who won’t turn their nose up at Levis, Amazon often have some good offers. I’ve had a couple of pairs of 501s around £25-£30 mark this year.

If I were still a biker, those 14oz jeans recommended by @DrMarkH would be great, but it’s just a bit too heavy for comfortable daily wear for me.

Don’t turn nose up at Levi, but do at Amazon! OH just bought yet another pair via a French site for not much more, and they seem authentic - right feel, stitching and labels.

Search and scroll down beyond the paid for ads by aAmazon and you can find gems… …we have just taken deliver of some Nyetimber Not-Champagne for New Year at less than the price in Waitrose and with free delivery.

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