Best option SIM

I think it is Boo-ey…

Can you not set the phone to connect to any mast (as in choose available networks automatically)?

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Left to Automatic the phone reported no supported networks.

At the time I tried it they were not using any of the masts within earshot - according the the various bits of scanner/snooper software I downloaded.

did you try a search for masts with Cartoradio

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Yes, I did - but thanks for the suggestion. And I tried other sites too! I ended up with Sosh and I really can’t fault them or their service.


hi Graham thanks yes that is what I am after a PAYG in Fr to use in Fr, if includes UK all the better. Dont know where the message got so muddled !

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Thanks Sue will do

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Mine isn’t PAYG but a €7 payment for unlimited calls, texts and I think 40g of data. The first year is often cheaper, I think I paid 4/month. Prixtel.


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I too use Reglo, have done for years, but just with a bog standard non-smart phone. Every Sunday I make a free call, to check my credit and if it falls below €10 just buy another fiver’s worth.

It doesn’t happen very often. :wink: :smiley:

There aren’t as many PAYG offers in France as the UK

Free as already said do a 2 euro deal

Look at Prixtel - myfrenchmobile and Reglo - they’re normally the best value no commitment monthly deals