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Good morning out there . My UK mobile finishes end if Jan hooray. As post Brexit changed the roaming options I had to wait to finish my contract to cancel. Anyway I am looking for Pay As You Go [My hubby already has an Orange mobile Sim] Anyone know the most reasonable cost one ? Does whatever data is on SIM stay till used regardless of length of time it is on Phone ? Sèems some only last a month and you loose any data not used. It is only to use in Fr incase need to contact but if international maybe helpful esp EU / uk . Lebara seems to hold best options . Thanks all I did look under SIM but quite old messages.

There’s an existing topic here that you may not have read through which might amswer your question…

You can search further through the Technology Category for other responses.

Various people on here have raised this in the past few months @kazz4662 - have a look at this topic…

As can be seen there, several of us got a (free) Giffgaff card and, provided you don’t buy their packages (which expire in a month) but just put money on it, the money doesn’t expire.

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Oh dear Kazz, I was going to give you a recommendation but then I got down to this bit

and realised that you weren’t talking about a ‘telephone’. :rofl:
Sorry but I am sure that you will get good information from the others. :wink: :smiley:

Maybe ive not explained myself I just want a PAYG Sim wondering who is the better company to gonwith . Am living in France itll be a second phone my main Orange

You’ve been pointed in the direction of several threads that cover this. My second SIM is giffgaff - as mentioned above - PAYG. I have mine to contact the UK.

Be careful with the UK supplier GiffGaff. This is from their terms and conditions:

What to avoid:
Using our services for the first time outside of the UK, using a large volume of your allowance (be that text, calls or data) in the EU and our other selected destinations (excluding the UK), or using our services and travelling within the EU and our other selected destinations (excluding the UK) for prolonged periods which don’t follow reasonable consumer holiday and travel patterns and behaviour. If you use our services outside the UK in the EU and our other selected destinations for 63 or more days in any four-month period and you cannot demonstrate prevailing use or presence in the UK this is likely to be deemed to be an unfair use of our services. When this happens charges will apply (see below), but we will always contact you 14 days before this time to make you aware of this. These charges will cease to apply when your behaviour is in accordance with this policy.

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Yes theres a lot on Giff Gaff I was only wondering which PAYG sim works well in france pref contract free . I did go onto area advised but it was just back and forth about Giff Gaff I wanted a French SIM to use in Fr now UK has finished is all .

If you are just using it for UK bank verifications (i.e. the occasional text) there is no problem with Giffgaff outside the UK. I wouldn’t use it for phone calls while here but then I don’t need to.

I was wondering if what @kazz4662 really wanted was a French PAYG in which case it’s a lost cause. As far as I know they don’t really exist - at least not like 3 and Giffgaff do for the UK.

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Agreed. As I rarely use my Giffgaff SIM (to send or receive) I just send a short text to a friend in the UK each month to keep my a/c live.

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The offering from Leclerc « Réglo Mobile » does that for you. You don’t lose any credit at the end of the month and it’s without a contract.


Have you looked at Reglo? They seem to do a PAYG (Sorry @graham - I didn’t realise you’d already posted)

You can get the SIM through Leclerc.

I have used Reglo PAYG for many years with 12 euro top up works all over Europe


I used Reglo when I was in hospital last (no wifi) and just a bit of internet browsing cost me a lot of money…

That’s when I came across Bouygues - it was recommended to me by a fellow patient since I too was using Réglo at the time tethering to my iPad.
The abonnement I set up then has served me well in the 6 years I have been a customer.

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That’s worth knowing, @graham. Is it a costly abonnement?

Because we arranged our accounts some time ago, our abonnements have increased very marginally overtime since we set them up but I pay a mere 7€/month for 30 Go which includes 16€ de remise. The current deals are more expensive:
B & You Forfait


Thanks Graham!

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Very happy with Bouygues (B & You) - both of us have accounts and we also use the 4G router for our internet at home which is unlimited. (Other 4G providers like Orange, Free etc are limited to 200 Go IIRC)

When I searched for a new provider B&you was my choice - apart from the fact that there is no Bouygues reception at my home!

And how does one pronounce ‘Bouygues’?

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