Best places to hire tools?

We’re near Monflanquin (47150) and I need to cut out some concrete flooring. Can anyone recommend places to hire tools (30cm diamond cutters, elctric demolition hammers etc.)?
The thing is that I can purchase outright relatively cheaply in the UK. are usually good

Ray… You say they can be bought relatively cheaply in UK…

Seems to me that you need to decide how much you are going to use the tools in the future… as it may well be better to buy (wherever) at a good price… so that you have them on site when you need them…

Check out James’ site… that will give you an idea on rental costs…

Hi Both,
many thanks for your speedy responses and the good link for kilotou.

What I’m finding is that the French market is very similar to the UK - 3 days rental is about the same as outright purchase IF you can find outright purchase of the item at a sensible price.
When trying to combine working holiday and family holiday this means that most jobs can easily have an elapsed time if not continuous duration of more than three days so purchase is the best route.

The issue I have is trying to find French pricing that is similar to best UK Pricing - much of the market is controlled by the common outlets. Example. 305mm concrete cutter xxx sells in UK for up to GBP 300 max but just a few minutes on-line looking for more trade outlets and it’s GBP200. The same item starts coming up in France around EUR 360, 350 and it takes a lot of pages to find it as low as EUR300 - I’ll just have to keep digging for the secret trade stores, or I’ll buy in UK and take it down when I next drive.

Just to share tho seems to have similar prices in Fr in EUR and UK in GBP so that’s somewhere I’ll be bookmarking.

Thanks again for your help.

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we use screwfix a lot…

Same parent company as Brico Depot, so a lot of the stuff is the same. Titan tools, cheap and cheerful, do the job well but don’t expect them to have longevity or to be able to get them repaired

Re Screwfix… I should have said we used them a lot when we were starting our renovation project… brought the tools over from UK.

Nowadays re Brico Depot: good price for doing the work… max life of 2 years in our experience…

and the 2 year warranty is only honoured with reluctance. Initial till receipt must be produced and the guarantee which is “always” issued at point of sale :angry: (so they tell me). They took us through all sorts of charades when we tried to get a tool replaced/mended under Warranty… never set foot in the place since.

Nowadays we use our local Mr Bricolage and after that…any shop in the chain Leroy Merlin.

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Nothing wrong with screwfix, they do a massive range of quality branded tools too (Makita , de Walt etc) and often have VERY good deals.
BTW, it is snowing big time here this morning🤔

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Long ago…arriving at our ruin… thick snow everywhere… our neighbour standing knee-deep and looking perplexed…

We produced a snow shovel from our jam-packed vehicle…instant friendship was formed without either side needing to understand a word…:wink:

The friendship survives, but the snow has decreased every year since then…just a few flakes this winter…

Toolstation are in France now

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Hi All,
thanks for the suggestions - good tips are always appreciated.
In this case I ended up buying everything as a more cost effective option to renting.

As always it paid to shop around as the worst vs best prices were 199 vs 139 and 299 vs 199. (-33% or +50% depending on your view) for identical products

To put some of the best places to try for purchases in one place

Toolstation are in France now

Happy hunting and good luck with your projects

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Have you tried Lacadour in Villeneuve sur Lot. I just had a look at their website and it shows cutters there under Travail Beton, if not they should know where you can buy/hire them. Aquiloc used to be in Villeneuve too but they have moved from where they were though I still see their machines around.