Best price for car if sold for scrap?

It seems that my poor Seat Ibiza is headed to the scrapyard - too much work to make it worthwhile for anyone to buy - or so it seems :-(

So, à la Casse. Is there any way I can squeeze more than €100 out of this?


Thanks Craig and Brian for your input. Moving back to the UK in four weeks so stripping it down isn’t an option - think I’d better re-word the ad leboncoin and get it shifted! Put it on at €600, but with the extra work revealed by a failed CT, I’m not sure.

it is also a matter of space, a "stripped car" will fetch 6 times(or moor depending on car) i.e. i bring cars over from the UK as "spare parts" as an engine replacement here for a BMW e36 will cost in the region of 1000 euros(with galactic mileage) where as i can pick a low mileage one from UK for £600 with all the extras(leather, elec etc) which i then strip and replace into the french counter parts, after all are stripped i then weigh in the chasis(i remove wings, panels, glass, seat, suspension, engines, electric get the idea) it is far cheaper to keep an old car on the road and is even more ecologically effective than using new cars.

My OH's Fiat Uno that was driven to death, registered in three countries and originally bought second hand by father-in-law for mother-in-law, had bits missing and completely seized up was used as a small part payment for a replacement, €200 I think, against a car costing some thousands. It was the garage my OH used for services and are a Fiat concession, they stripped it down and stockpiled everything worth saving for repairs to other Fiats and then probably got scrap metal price for the rest. So try the garage you have used or failing that try Craig's idea although some things take time to shift on leboncoin.

i would place it on leboncoin for "breaking" as in spare parts, it will go very quickly as bits are super expensive here

Thanks Tracy, will do :-)

:-) No idea Hilary, it was quite a shock when it happened to us, I seem to think that it didn't cost us anything as we drove it to them. However, this time round the local garage that has looked after the car for the last few years has said that they will take it of our hands so hubby is hoping to get a few centimes. Try asking your local garage instead of La Casse.

Thanks (?) ;-) Tracy. I wonder why they don't pay scrap value (as in based on the weight of metal) like they do in the UK? My son sold a BMW that had completely died for £400. At the risk of putting the cat among the pigeons, I'm looking forward to being back where I understand how things are done!

Hi Hilary,

The bad news is that unless the car is in really good nick, you will probably have to pay them to scrap it -(