Best silicon sealer

I need to replace the silicon sealant around my bath. It’s such a faff that I want to be sure it’s as long lasting as possible. So I’m looking for recommendations of the best sealant in terms of staying white and not going mouldy.
Thank you!

Have a look in Leroy Merlin if you have one nearby They do the Rubson range of silicones and mastics and we have just done round my italian shower floor and bath with silicone even though its a brand new house but it does protect the grouting. As for mould, thats a case for good ventialtion and something I have not seen down here even in my son’s middle ofthe house bathroom but we do have VMC’s at every water source, maybe you need to install one if you don’t already have them.

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Mapei Mapesil AC Mould Resistant Silicone
Just as Shiba said a main issue is moisture in the air. Could consider using a window vac like a karcher to remove a lot of the water that can cause mold, otherwise better ventilation and drying of the area.

I don’t have mould issues. I’ve been in my flat for six years and the sealant (which had been redone just before I moved in) has been amazing. Still white and no mould. I need to do some work and so need to redo the silicone as part of that. I know that some products are much better than others!! So I’m looking for recs on sealants that will be performant

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a specific recommendation from their range that has done you well over multiple years?

Argh. That was for @Shiba :slight_smile:

@Corona long lasting whiteness too?

Usually but high humidity and warm air can spoil anything. Dow corning 785 is another good one, some have microban in them if that helps.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware Dow Corning was available in France.

I have seen it in some Brico sheds but not all which is why I mentioned Mapei first. Cheap silicones are generally whipped up a bit so suffer shrinkage early on in their lives but the good stuff prevails.

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Over the past 35years of french property ownership I have never used silicone around the bath or shower as there was no need with a builder husband who installed everything properly, but my son insisted on putting some on round the bottom of the tiled shower walls and along the edge of where you stand on the floor just to reinforce it as its a new house and because shower trays are no longer used as in my previous home here. We used the Rubson Bain & Cuisine silicone pour évite les moisissures blanc and it looks neat and tidy.