Best time to change school?

Hi all,

There may be a chance that we have found somewhere else to live which is great but will mean that the kids will have to move schools as it will be too far to travel every day.

Eldest is 6 and in CP and I have a 3 year old in PS at maternelle - we have been here 18 months and both seem happy and settled in school. I dont think either are ‘fluent’ yet but I know my eldest is top in most areas in his class!

My question is do you think it would be bad to move schools in April or will it not make any difference at this age? Not so worried about 3 year olf but thinking more about at the CP level?

What would you do?


april is fine for a cp child, my son spent 14 days at his new school before the summer holidays! yikes i know but did him no harm at all.

I agree that the rentrée would be ideal, but may not be practical and you certainly will not be the first to have ever moved during CP. I suggest that you and your child visit the new school and meet the teacher beforehand so that it is not a complete shock come April.

Yes - I’d agree - whilst La Rentrée would be ideal, it’s more tidy, children are incredibly resilient and flexible - much more than most adults ever are - and they’ll probably barely notice the change, especially if they’re used to moving about a bit. Our 10 year old was horrified on his first day - but he’d always been to the same English primary school. It was more a case that he didn’t realise life changes - I think younger children are much more flexible around that.

I went to 5 different primary schools whilst in the UK and it didn’t bother me one little bit - think it’s why I’ve never stayed very long in one place though. I’ve just completed 4 years in Burgundy and that’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I was 21 (which was over 20yrs ago)

Thanks - that is reassuring to know someone who has done the same and the children survived!!

Thanks - still early stages but just thinking ahead!

Hi Natasha
We moved loads whilst they were in primary ( in various years inc. CP) and it never seemed to be an issue. I really wouldn’t worry! Cx

Personally I would aim to try and leave it until La Rentree. At my sons school, which is tidgy-tiny, there have been several new entrants and several children who have gone elsewhere each September. I’ve not been away of any changes at any other time…would probably be worth having a chat with the new school too, see what they think.
Congratulations on finding a new house!