Best transport company for wine?

Chronopost have yet again smashed up another delivery. This time it had wine it. So, no wine for me :frowning: Unbelievable! I have had so many packages that have needed ‘special reinforcing’ from Chronopost and La Poste this year. If you have received that dreaded automated message from them, you’ll know what I mean. What do they do with packages, play football?

Ok, rant over. Does anyone have any recommendations for a transport company that can delivery something without smashing it up?


There’s a whole thread on this here:

I have made good experience with GLS. They are fast, friendly and the package arrives in good shape! I have even seen their drivers delivering on Saturday.
Under no circumstances take DPD, they are terrible and do not deliver if the address is off the main road!!!You can hunt your package down and if have bad luck, they return it to the sender, claiming the address is unknown.

You can buy proper reinforced boxes suitable for shipping wine internationally - the normal storage boxes are not up to it.

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Yes DPD are rubbish. I always avoid them and am loathe to order from companies that use them to deliver. GLS have not been that great and Chronopost has always been pretty reliable for us. I think a lot depends on your local delivery depot, staff and drivers.

Our neighbours who have a vineyard use DHL to send plenty of wine to UK but in very stable boxes.

I book deliveries thru Interparcel, an ‘agency’ for all the main courier cos. They give you a choice based on cost or speed, it’s all priced - you choose.

Whatever you do avoid Hermes. I had a small [25cms cube] but valuable [insured to £1000] package sent to Spain via Hermes. On tracking, 3 days after dropping at the collection point, it showed as ‘logged at the International Hub, Lille’. And it continued to show that for the next 6 days. The delivery was supposed to be 3-5 days.

Interparcel, who have an inside track to all the courier co customer service, got nothing out of Hermes except that Hermes has shut down their phone lines! Email only! I did, Interparcel did - nothing back.

All of a sudden Correos announced it would deliver something at 16:00. Three hrs early - or 4-6 days late - this package turned up. It was still showing as ‘logged at the International Hub, Lille’!

I’ve had 3 no-shows 3 days running for a collection by Hermes. Yesterday I finally put my money where my mouth has been - no more Hermes - and bought something more expensive from A because B was shipping via Hermes.