Best way to meet new French friends

We spend 10 weeks a year in Brittany, having bought a holiday home back in 2004. We love it, but after 14 years I’d like to make a real effort to make new French friends.

We socialise with our French neighbours and the stable owner where my daughter rides. I can speak French, my 13 year old can understand a lot but hesitates talking, my 8 year old has a good go and my hubby, well let’s just say he’s a work in progress.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions. I want us all to practice French and I’m sure other French families would probably want to practice English.

We’re based in Jersey.

Thanks, Julie

You could register on this site and see if there are any events for families that you could join in with during the dates you’re there. You don’t say what part of Brittany you’re in but the Rennes section for instance looks pretty active.

Thanks Anna. We’re just outside Dinard.

Hello Julie,

The best thing to do is to go to the local Mairie for your town in
Brittany. They’ll have suggestions for you, and you will be able to meet

Where is your holiday home in Brittany?
I am often near Quiberon in summer, and I’m fluent in French (based near
Paris most of the year)…

In case you are near Quiberon, I’d be happy to come speak French with you
and your family in summer, and go to Mairie to help explain you wish to
meet people.

I’m French and Australian.

Warm regards,


*Anna *

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We adopted a kitten from Ecole du Chat de Quiberon in October, it was a lovely area. It’s a good two and a half hour drive from us, we are based near St Malo.

I hadn’t thought of visiting the Mairie. Thanks for the tip.

I would have suggested exactly what you are doing, taking part in an activity that you do alongside the local people. In my area there are quite a few organised walks which I know are popular for mixing British and French people. I suppose it’s a bit like speed dating, if you’re getting on fine with the person/people you are walking with you make the most of it, if you’re not getting on you speed up or slow down until you get into conversation with others.

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