Beta testers required for 'all new' SFN!

(James Higginson) #1

We will shortly be moving SFN to a brand new platform that has been under development for the last few months. In order to make that transition as smooth as possible I need you to help me test the new site. Your task will be to try to break it! Testing everything to make sure it is all functioning as it should, when we come to make the transition in January, everything should go swimmingly well!

For this phase of testing I'm looking for around fifty of you, second phase in a month or so will require more.

If you would like to get involved (and get a sneak peak!) please let me know with a 'yes' in the comments below.



(Community Manager)

(Shirley Morgan) #2

If you have an iPad IOS 9 app for it, let me know pls when up and running!

(Jan Wallace) #3

Yes, I'll give it a go

(Bernhard (Bernie) Otupal) #4

Here I am!

Regards Bernie

(Jane Williamson) #5


(Bill Watts) #6

Hi - I would be happy to help test

(Doranne Cadranel) #7

Yes! Sounds interesting!

(Glyn Davies) #8


(bryan savage) #9

Sign me up if still need help

(James Higginson) #10

Thanks everyone, will send you details asap, probably Monday

(Joseph Burch) #11


(Jeanette Johnson) #12



Oui !

(C.Brian Ross) #14

I thought that you were going to achieve your goal yesterday! However, if still short of one or two, I'll do my best! :-)

(John Scully) #15

“real PCs” What 1983 IBMs running DOS? Good luck with that :slight_smile:



(Diana Pinnell) #17


(Pauline McAdam) #18


(Roger Bruton) #19

Count me in!!

(Wendy Davey) #20

If you still need anyone then count me in