Béton ciré

did someone use "béton ciré " in the renovation of the house and know a good product or how to make it? thanks

Thanks Emma :)

Hello everyone!

I see this is an old thread, but if you are still struggling to find Beton Cire suppliers, applicators and training in France you need to visit this website. You'll get all the info you need there.


Hope that helps.

Dear James,

Been away from the PC for a few days and have come back to this!! It’s better than telly!!! Thanks.

Yes, it’s 101 Forward Control. Looks like a big Tonka Toy and arrived in France last night. She’s called, ‘Lola’ (101A). We have a Series IIA Forward Control as well, but that is currently living it up in the Champagne region until we get a chance to pick it up and work on it.

And a possible supplier http://bechler.fr/

Magali, can you please let us know when you have found a distributor?



Large floor area

Loads of videos here;


Finding some links on the subject;


Thanks Tanya, I’ll keep the offer in mind! What’s the big one, a Forward Control?


Thanks for this info. I’ll take a look. If you try it, I’d be interested to know how you got on!
Best wishes. Tanya

hi, I looked for web sites and found a factory :http://www.betoncire.com/index.html
they explain how to do and the products to use . I think it could be easy to realize. I think it’s less expensive by buying directly in a factory. regards magali

Thanks James,

I’ve developed an unnatural interest in concrete and plaster recently. My husband is quite worried about this. I’ve found a couple of artisans who I could hire to provide me with polished concrete, but I’d like to know how to do it myself. Don’t worry, there’s no rush, but I look forward to hearing your blow by blow account (no pressure!)

Perhaps we could do a deal - teach me how to polish concrete and I’ll make sure that Alex lets you play on his old Landrovers until you are really bored with them! The big one will hopefully be with us next week assuming the UK garage doesn’t break it again.

I haven’t actually polished any concrete yet, I’ve poured and prepared some black pigmented concrete (about 60sq meters) in preparation for polishing but I’ve not done it yet! I’ll let you know when I have. If you have any questions on the subject, don’t hesitate to ask!


James - get your arse over here and talk about concrete (it’s usually his favourite subject…)

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Hi Magali,

I noticed that you don’t yet have a response on the forum regarding your question about polished concrete. I wondered if you’d had any joy with your research elsewhere please? Thanks. Tanya

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