Beware carbon monoxide poisoning

Just a reminder… to be very careful

This is what happened last night…

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Yep, buy a CO detector, best with a readout so you can see if there is a problem before it gets too bad and an alarm sounds.

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A former colleague of mine moved back to Ireland in to a rented flat. One day her dad kept trying to contact her knowing she should be home. When he couldn’t reach her he went round and let himself in. When he found her she was convulsing, she was rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning Fortunately she survived but had her dad arrived even minutes later she wouldn’t have I am now very wary of the potential problems

Dreadful. Did she make a full recovery?

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Yes fortunately she didn’t but it was a very close call. She was young and healthy which probably helped

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We’ve worked out where to put the emergency generator… if we absolutely had to have it indoors… (totally against all the rules).

We decided it would go in the laundry room, where we could leave the window wide open and the door into the rest of the house, firmly closed… :thinking:

In the storms this July, it sat outside… but there was no snow on that occasion…:thinking:

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Not sufficient to have a window wide open as it will still leave dead areas. You need a low fresh air in source and a high fan assisted outlet.

Aha… would it be better in the boot room, near the exit, with that door wide open to the outside… and the door to the hallway firmly closed… that is as good as being outdoors in my view…

You need a positive pressure to create a draft to blow all the fumes out

If we are talking freezing, snowy weather… I cannot see how it will work outdoors anyway… think we will give it a miss in such a case…