Beware: Mobile radars to be used this summer!

The Ligue des Conducteurs has made a video to warn drivers in France about the new mobile radars that will be deployed this summer.

They can flash up to 9 vehicles per minute, in both directions for speeding, even just 1km/hr over the limit. The fee for speeding starts at €45, but you won't know you've been flashed until you get the demand for payment in the post.

This is nothing to do with security and everything to do with racketing the public. No one can keep an eye on the speedometer 100%.

To watch the video click here:

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Please spread this message as widely as possible - email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more people who sign, the better. Mr Hollande said when he was a candidate that he would not support repressive measures targeting drivers. So, let's tell him exactly what we think of this particularly repressive measure!

Me too. By the way I did not mean PINTS A and B, but points before. I also do not drink and drive. Being very boring is safer and cheaper.

I am a very law-abiding driver, but sometimes going down hill your speed creeps up, or sometimes you have to speed up to overtake. It's ridiculous to penalise the vast majority of law-abiding drivers with this racket because that's what it is. Nothing to do with safety, everything to do with filling state coffers.

If people keep looking down to check their speed, now that is a safety issue, because while you're looking down, the car in front might brake suddenly, a lorry might swing out in front of you, a cyclist might swerve to avoid a pot hole.

The agency my OH is working for provided all of their people with a pictorial guide of the new equipment last summer. Much it is in use. There are some built into what look like normal cars, handhelds, disguised roadside things. I have been very cautious since. Anyway, there are the speed traps everywhere that cop you travelling too fast between pints A and B as it is to take risks any longer.