Beware of being charged extra TVA/Tariffs for receiving something from the UK that used to be free

Any sign of it today? Have you been charged and how much?

I have a print sitting in the UK which is a “reward” for a charitable donation, which sadly didn’t get sent before christmas as it should have! It is a signed limited edition, but value probably not that high. The organisation sending it have tried to find out from their delivery agents who much I might have to pay and it is completely obscure! So somewhat hesitant to tell them to send it!

Art works seem to be 20% or 5.5% VAT, and no idea what customs duty would be.

UPS have had our parcel since the 12th Jan and at the moment it’s still languishing in Scotland. The supplier (bedding company) has cited Brexit problems as have UPS. As the supplier has said that if charges are levied they will pay them, we’re not too worried. I do wish UPS could be bothered enough to communicate with us…

They’re probably sleeping on it, after all, la nuit porte conseil !

It seems to be a slightly the wild west out there regarding charges. I will try and summarise a drawn out situation I just experienced.

I had a painting in the UK sent back to me for repair that was damaged in a house move. It was meant to have been sent before Brexit but then got stuck in storage when the border closed.

Anyway the saga really started when DHL got in touch on the 13th January to fill out an import form. Charges to be paid 185 euros and also an extra 54 euro charge for use of a ‘transitaire’.

Breakdown on declared value of £750 pounds

Voici la taxation :

TVA = 168 EUR

Droits de Douane = 0 EUR

Frais de dossier = 17.50 EUR

Total = 185.50 EUR

In order to avoid this post being a cure for insomnia suffice it to say that two days ago, after a lengthy email exchange with DHL in France myself and the sender got the delivery company who had packed and sent it via DHL involved in the end. Fortunately they have a large account with them.

The result being that the final charge was dropped to 64.40 euros.

I will PM you their details.

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The latest from my friends at UPS,

I just had a text saying my Ikea order had been “held up” - wonder if it is coming from the EU.

Having ordered from a “UK” site if there are any extra charges it won’t be accepted from the courier/postie.

How can DHL negotiate TVA rates I wonder? They are what they are, or were you able to convince them that parcel was being sent by the artist so reduced rate?

This is all so unclear that I have had my print sent to my sister in the UK, and there it will have to stay until borders open and I can find someone to bring it to France. Or until 2022 which is probably the earliest I will be going back to UK. Why oh why didn’t they send it last November when they promised to! Bugger Brexit.

OTH gets Twinnings Earl Gray tea bags usually from UK Amazon, normally £18 for 200, we went to order today and total cost now £60, £40 now for delivery on a £20 item.

OMG!! You would have to be a fan for that! In Waitrose a pack of 100 Twinnings Earl Grey is £5, so £18 for 200 is already pretty steep!

My family always pop a few teabags in the envelope when they are sending something…which are much appreciated as the French Twinning’s earl grey is not the same and you have to wade through two layers of packaging!

However on holiday in L’Herault last October we brought boxes of Tetley Earl Grey at the Super U near Béziers…no excess packaging, nifty string system for no drip tea bags, 0.98€ for 30, and taste was a pretty good substitute to Twinnings. I recommend, as nicest I’ve found here.

I apologise to anyone in the area who normally buys them there as in the course of the 3 weeks we were there we regularly emptied the shelves…I have enough for 6 months or so now.

Each to their own
Earl Grey in any form is IMO scented dishwasher.
All these fancy teas and infusions are a marketing ploy and obviously successful for the supplier.
Call me old fashioned but the only real tea is a strong mug of builders tea, wet warm and refreshes the parts that other drinks can’t.

Other than Marmite there are 2 other foods/drinks that are a gift from the gods.

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Yorkshire tea is the best! so sad that the big pack of tea MIL sent in October was not Yorkshire (I’m sure I’d requested that). anyway at least we have enough for a while and if not I know who to beg for a few bags :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Probably not far from each other although 24 covers a large area.

Any time :grin:

Arrived today and no extra charges :grinning:

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Intermarche, LeClerc et al. … I now get loose Twinnings tea in tins and brew it in a perforated spoon or in a cafetiere if I’m feeling less lazy.

If it is the yellow box it is a different mix to the UK purple box, OH and her friends do not like it as it is a different taste.


Have you tried any of the local brands that do Earl Grey, Colin?

O yes :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ah… I understand :smiley:

Our local tea shop does a reasonal blend (and I only use leaf tea anyway so that may be different) but I have to say that some of their other blends are…er…interesting. (And I can’t find Assam anywhere)