Beware of EDF cutting your branches

Of an age and had a major op when it is difficult to do heavy work. Have lots of trees in our garden some close to overhead electric cables. EDF contractors come to asses need and confirm will remove branches. Sub contractors arrive and say a vehicle will arrive a few days later to collect the many large heavy branches they have chopped off. Nothing arrives. Rings English help line for EDF 3 times each time am told EDF tech department will ring to arrange to collect , they never ring. At the end we again contact EDF help line who tell us this time the Tevh department will not be coming as the trees are our and on our land and it is our responsibility to remove them. 160€ quoted to date


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Then offer the wood free to anyone who will collect…:confused:

That’s a good idea will try various local webs. Trouble is ; whilst there are lots of different sizes of logs ( EDF sent some Cowboys to harycary them ). there is obviously small branches coming off , most of the leaves have shrivelled .
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awful although when they came to cut ours we got them to chop the entire trees down and out neighbour came and helped us make it ready for the fire. its still drying though

Yes EDF don’t take the stuff they cut away. And they are not there to prune your trees the way an arboricuturalist would, but just to hack down everything within 3 to 5 metres of their lines.

The previous owner said of our house planted large 4 trees far too close to the wires, so now we pay to have them pruned every two years to stop the EDF needing to. Sadly we forgot this year, and they appeared! And then we still had to pay an arboriculturalist to tidy up after them.

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yup its why we got them to cut them down.

This is what they did to a tree close to my apartment building!

The landlord chopped it down not long after.

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yes they are not very professional when it comes to taking care of trees.

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