Beware, right-hand drive vehicle with Direct Assurance

People have to buy what is available at a price they can afford. That was our case, after an incompetent mechanic wrecked our car which then had to be scrapped.

Over the years we have had both LHD and RHD cars. When we were in need earlier this year, there was nothing available that was also affordable.


I think that supports my case on the safety issue.

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I’ve never had any difficulty driving a RHD car here. I know that French people seeing the steering wheel on the right are shocked and ask “How can you possibly drive like that?” but the fact is that you can. You just need to be cautious when overtaking, but then you need to be cautious when overtaking with an LHD car too. It’s the same as driving an LDH car in the UK, which many people do.


Absolutely. :grinning:

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RHD cars are great on the lanes round here, it makes it easier to avoid going into a ditch.



Oh dear!

But not for us with our RHDs. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Oh, I freely admit to being a novice in French law but you know even under UK law logic can be a “false-friend.” I have had a lot of experience in my career in the past on contract law issues and worked with some of the best and most expensive lawyers available. Even the best will be at great pains to explain the impossibility of being 100% sure of an outcome and that is why many settlements are made outside of the court even when the client themselves may feel confident of success.

Here, the issue it seems to me would be whether a court would accept that a RHD vehicle in France is effectively a modification and even in logic (which we have agreed may not be a good guide) I can see some validity in arguments from both sides. In English, BTW, we do refer to French law as “Napoleonic” and I accept that there are some fundamental differences which I don’t even begin to understand. However, given some of the horror stories I have heard of insurers wriggling out of their responsibilities it is always best to be completely open and transparent.

Life is just so complicated these days.


SuKe did you get compensation that was adequate for the loss due to mechanic?

Frankly, I find it comforting to know that I am almost in the ditch, when driving our local roads which are very narrow… I can easily judge where I am and how far I can edge over… without falling-in… and every cm is important… :wink: as I edge gently past the person driving towards me…

Wide/decent roads, I agree it makes little difference, even when overtaking… but as most of my life is spent on these tiny, twisty/turny tracks… it’s best for me/us.


Me too. I love our old RHD merc. I’ve had the LHD Skoda over the edge more often

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It wasn’t worth even trying. He was recommended by an acquaintance. If I had been smarter I’d have checked him out more thoroughly and run away as I subsequently learned our experience was not unique.

Our nice car failed its CT on two electrical faults. Nothing else.

Because our budget is very limited, and the local garage charge more than we could afford, we followed advice and took the car to the recommended person who assured us he could fix it. He did fix it, but not in the way we had hoped. He returned it on a tow rope, the engine completely dead. Nobody could revive it. It went for scrap.

I learned from another person that the mechanic had a very dubious reputation. I can verify that.


poor you… not what you expected, of course.

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And no one sues him?
What on earth did he say when the car was returned?

Abuse and lies!

sadly, the only people really to benefit from a contested low value claim are the lawyers… you may be throwing good money after bad even attempting litigation unless you have the appropriate insurance cover for it.

Hence we would not bother.

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that’s rotten for you @SuKe … trouble is, as time passes even more folk will fall foul of his mishandling things…
is he a bona fide mechanic… or merely someone who is “handy” with cars???

He’s a registered. As he already has a dubious reputation and word travels, hopefully people will be careful before using him.