BF discount codes

Brittany Ferries discount codes…
Are they actually a thing ?
How do I get one ?
Does anyone have one they can lend me (or however that works ?)


It’s their “club voyage”, I use my brothers and it gets me a 10% discount. If you have your own account, I believe you get up to 30% off, free daytime cabins, food vouchers etc.

So it means joining something?

Oh dear…I’m not very good with clubs :smile:

Not just join but also pay for - £120 for the first year.

Read all about it!

Oh well, that’s a “no” from me,then.

I’m on the point of booking a one-way ticket to UK & was told of these codes…I know no more than the replies posted so far

That’s a bargain! I paid £150 for first year and £75 per year since with only 30% savings. It is good value if you travel a lot and at peak times. You don’t have to do anything apart from logging in with your membership number.

Worth working out he potential saving before rejecting out of hand - 30% on the crossing (but not accomodation :rage:), though I think they have watered that down a bit for new members. Given BF prices it can save a few quid even if you make only one crossing but is normally a win if you make even two crossings a year - especially if you are limited to school holidays (as we are).

I was right about watered down!

While you can save 35% on low season prices it is down to 5% on high season prices (with a mid season saving of 15%).

I think that those of us who have been members long enough retain the 30% throughout the year (as long as we cough up the annual fee) but if I were newly contemplating membership I’d carefully tot up how much I might save first.

Oh, the comment about accommodation is not quite right - you can get free cabins, but generally only on day crossings where they are maybe not so indispensable anyway.

Well I may just suck up the € 400 they want & move on.
I’m not planning on being a frequent flyer, so to say ; it was more a possibility of saving a few quid at a time when money is tight.

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If you’re over 60, DFDS offer a straight 20% discount on all crossings but you have to book by phone.

I’ll also add:
I used to use Brittany Ferries until they damaged my motorbike (and me) through (in my view) unsafe unloading procedures and refused to accept any liability. I’ve avoided them ever since.

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We arrived back from France and Spain yesterday. Didn’t enjoy disembarkation at Plymouth. We were on deck four and sat in our car for what seemed an age while truckers had their engines running below for no apparent reason. Air quality wasn’t good.
I wish BF would instruct passengers to only start engines when free to move.

They normally do so.

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Embarkation and disembarkation are both very slow now due to the extra customs checks/passport stamping etc due to Brexit,we have all been forced to go backwards about 40 years,great!!

It seems to be port-dependent. I’ve travelled 3 times to France (1 X Caen, 2 X tunnel) since October '21 and not been held up significantly at all compared with pre-brexit.