Bi lingual authors please!

I’d like the names of any bi lingual (French English) authors. Any genre of writing. Their origin can be a French or English speaking country.



Tatiana de Rosnay is perfectly bilingual and writes in both languages. Joanne Harris is bi-lingual but writes in English.

Thanks for that.


Hi Glyne, you should take a look on my websites:, or,

On the other hand, about my novels, (in French with some parts in English).



Thanks Patrick. Can you tell me/us more about your publishing?

Regards Glyn

I'm an author who use both languages. But I'm not a very famous writer! sorry! I wrote several novels, especially for young people and family. Maybe you should see what I’ve wrote, type ‘William Kassenef’ on Google. On the other hand, I'm a publisher. :-)

Thanks, Donna. I should have said living :slight_smile:

But Nancy Huston looks very interesting; thanks for that one.

Samuel Beckett, Nancy Huston, Romain Gary... but they haven't joined this group :-)