Bi-lingual defamation lawyer

Hello folks
I need to find a bilingual lawyer who understands defamation. Am being threatened by a US millionaire about a blogpost. My usual lawyer is out of his depth with defamation. How can I find one?

Hi Frances,
Try looking for an avocat with the label “spécialisé en TIC” (technologies de l’information et de la communication). Most of these should be able to handle a potential defamation suit, however, you would also need one that was comfortable with English, and additionally understands US law (as you don’t mention the venue of where the threats or any action might take place). That last part might be a bit more complicated. The large cities outside of Paris will generally have a handful of such specialists.

Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. These days anything online is fair game for millionaire bullies who want to eliminate all publicity that shows them as less than shiny. So the jurisdiction is fuzzy, being internaitonal. In the end not one Legal firm in Paris that I contacted got back to me. This is typical. I have since found a nice lady lawyer in the US who understands cease and desist letters.

Hi Frances
Did you get my Pm? Sent as soon as you messaged me ?

Hi Catherine, no I don’t seem to have.

I’ve just checked and I clearly forgot to press SEND - sorry!!!
Anyway - try Antoine Mouton in Biarritz - he is excellent and I highly recommend him.