Bienvenue to new members and a horse meat scandel

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Maybe this should go into general discussion, but as it is food related I will post it here.

If you click on the article, there is discussion on a company called Findus (I buy their products in Leclerc in France) using 100% horse meat in the lasagne products sold in the UK.

Perhaps this is just a UK (unfortunate) issue, but I have a sad feeling that these Findus products sold in other countries could have the same issue. Even though the label says beef lasagne, who knows what is in there. Scandelous.

Just another example to try to eat 'as close to the earth as possible" and less processed foods. Still, we trust this food companies too much. Not enough money to inspect what is happening…This is especially true with meat and fish.

It was a French company that works with Findus who alerted the UK authorities on this problem.

I am glad I never buy pre made lasagna. Homemade lasagne easy to make and tastes so much better.


Findus is a well respected brand of frozen foods in the UK and elsewhere in Europe it's akin to Birds Eye and is not noted for selling low quality products. It has been in business to my knowledge since the late 1950's. In common with other manufacturers it has been defrauded by its suppliers. It now looks as if all food producers will have to DNA test all batches of meat entering their production lines.