Big dog to face vote of confidence

Yes I agree.

@Mat_Davies was right with his recent post - the Torries’ love affair with Johnson is at or close to an end. He is toast.

I’ll drink to that…


As has been observed May lasted only 5 months after she won a confidence vote - and, in any case, the 1922 committee can change the rules if they wish.

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The timing is poor, I’d have waited until after the Tories either lose both upcoming by-elections or do very badly before I submitted a letter as there would be more chance of success which surely is the aim of any such vote. As it is I can see him winning and then limping on just like TM whilst his so called ‘cabinet allies’ get their leadership campaigns organised.

I agree with much of the rest of your post Kirstea, but I think this neglects the extent to which the Tory Party now is the ‘populist’, culture-warring extreme right. Not only did Johnson/ERG purge it of ‘one nation’ MPs, there was an enormous change in the membership - huge influx of ex-Kippers, etc.

And there’s an even bigger factor: as in France and most of the rest of the world, voters are clearly moving inexorably to the political extremes, of both right and left.

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Yes very good point. The question is I guess would someone new do even more damage than a lame duck Johnson before the next election?

Don’t get me wrong as I am sure you know I despise Johnson but maybe a humiliated Johnson will struggle to get anything through parliament.

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IIRC May was threatened with rule change if she didn’t resign, so perhaps the same would happen with Johnson but given his narcissistic pig-headedness I’m not sure he resign and I’m not confidence the 1922 have the cojones to carry out their threat.
Having said that, the Tories are likely to lose the 2 by-elections so those losses may just be what tips the balance.


Hopefully these campaigns would further highlight how laughable these candidates are.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the result of the two forthcoming by elections and the findings of the Parliamentary Committee.
He can’t hang on for ever if all is going against him.

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Does anyone actually call the current Prime Minister ‘Big Dog’? Why would they?

It’s his name for himself.

More emetic self-indulgent twaddle, what a tosspot.


Politicians - how do you know they’re lying…………they open their mouths :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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This video is hilarious and worth 6 minutes of your time…

111 public statements of support so far from Tory MPs

Of course, it is a secret ballot so…

Up to about 155 public statements of support, Johnson might be sweating a little as that is short of the 180 he needs and it’s always possibly some offering public support will vote the other way.

Result at or around 21:00 UK time.

Gavin Barwell , the Tory peer who was chief of staff to Theresa May… says that fewer than 100 votes against the PM would be a good result for him, more than 133 votes against would be “the beginning of the end”, and that more than 144 votes against ought to finish him off (but probably won’t).

This is probably the worst possible timing, but I still hope he goes.

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Remembering his end of term as Foreign Secretary in TMs administration, if you recall, he failed to promptly offer up his grace and favour pile in London. What’s the betting he’ll do the same with Downing Street?