Big Puppy Mastiff/Dane/Doberman Cross looks like a big Labrador!

Hi All

I originally posted this in the dogs forum when we had a whole bunch of them looking for new homes - we were away for a month in August and so had to keep one in the kennels with the one we are keeping for company - bloody hell - was my first reaction when I came back as it was phenomenal how big they were!

Anyway Ollie is the one looking for a new family he looks a lot like his mother (dane/Mastiff) she is a good size around 55kg and an unbelievable dog - she loves the sea, she loves kids (we have 4) has the most stoic disposition, I have used her as a gundog in the UK she has a great nose (not such great eyesight…) and is very good with other animals apart from deer which she has a deep love of - taking her for a walk in the deer park in richmond two weeks ago was an experience…

Anyway I have attached photo of ollie and Mum and Dad - Dad is a Doberman who is very soft indeed although at a distance can be a little off putting as he is quite a specimen - I forget his lineage but can ask Michelle ur neighbour for it if yu are interested I think his grandfather was a very successful show dog from Alsace region.

Ollie was born at the end of May so he is 3.5 months old he has had both his vaccinations and been wormed and flead as it were. He is a very handsome dog but he will be big - difficult to say how big but I would say when fully grown probably 55kg+. He is confident with other dogs - loves trying to get the cat to run away from him and is able to retrieve a ball 5 times before he gets bored of it - he sits on command but that is about it in terms of training - he would be happy anywhere where there are other animals/dogs and people who give him attention - he also loves Water.

We’re looking at $200 euros for him and he will make an absolutely amazing addition to anyones life. The first photo is mum the second dad and the third ollie.

Photos please Susan - they sound gorgeous!! I remember this post as I wanted one....

C x

ps if you get a minute to upload a photo of yourself too, that would be fab! Maybe with doggies?!

Hey Tom.. I've tried several times to call you to let you know how Lea and Lennon are...I spent HOURS AND HOURS training them.. (and they are still a bit naughty) BUT they are gorgeous animals, great company and we love them...even though they are a bit 'weird'. lol. Let us know how you are doing!