Bilingual meet up groups for kids

I everyone,

Just joined this group and recognize a few faces already...

I'm looking for a bilingual meet up group for kids between 2 to 15 years old in Normandy (Cherbourg, Saint Lo, Bayeux, Caen).

If you belong to a group or are interested in taking part to kids meeting and activities let me know. I have three kids ages 7, 3 and too all at different stages of bilingualism and would love to join or set up fun activities for them.

You may also went to list your own groups on this thread.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Lorraine,

Do you have any classes in Dept 64 at all?

I am near Pau and looking for activities for my 16 month twins.

Many thanks.

Hi Valerie,

I realise we are based along way from Normandy, but check out the website:, as there is a Halloween competition for all chidren. Its free to enter,and there will be prizes! Anyone can enter,regardless of where they live in France…and it helps with their written English too!


Yes - I replied to your thread on Facebook! Would also be interested if anyone knows any groups on Brittany?



The ones I know about are:

Accents - Civray :slight_smile:
BEES - Dordogne
Crossroads - Ferney Voltaire (Ain)
Outbound - Montpellier
APARC - Chantilly

Most of these (if not all) are assos/not for profits. I think there are other commercial businesses out there in the more corporate expat areas.

If anyone wants to set one up, I’m happy to tell you how I started Accents - just drop me a line.

Hi Valerie, Welcome to Franglais Kids! I would love to find other bilingual kids in the Pezenas area of Herault, I saw on your facebook page about Accents & think it’s a great idea. I try to integrate my little one with children from the village most of which have parents keen for their children to learn English. I’m wondering if I should set something up myself! Perhaps a couple of months after the next one has arrived…

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