Billi terminal at Bordeaux

Hi, has anyone used this terminal recently. I am flying from there next week with 5-month-old twins and a two-and-a-half year old and until now I was dreading the flight, but having read some of the reviews of the terminal I am now dreading checking in more! The reviews, though, are a couple of years old. Anything more recent/advice on staying sane would be appreciated! Thanks!

There are also toilets adjacent to the Billi terminal. As you enter the main terminal turn to your left and continue until the escalators/lifts at the end of the main terminal. There are toilets on the first floor. I presume you will be checking in on line so you could delay your entry to the Billi terminal allowing you to use all the facilities in the main terminal until it's absolutely necessary to move.

Thanks David. I don't mind that it's a shed. It the no toilets after check-in that worried me, but that seems to have been sorted.

Thanks Barbara!

A lot of tosh has been promulgated about Billi. I know its effectively just a shed but then so is Bergerac. Billi is just an extension of the main terminal. The entrance to Billi is about 200 metres from the carhire and carpark payment office. I can't remember about stairs; I think it's all level until the aircraft but there's no air bridge so you do have steps into the aircraft. Were it not for Billi it's unlikely there would be lowcost flights to UK at Bordeaux.

Billi is to the left hand side of the main airport faciliities.

Stay in the main area if you are very early

There is nothing ...NO TOILET or drinks avail untill your check in time which

is 2 hrs before flight.

Once checked in you can be expensive beverages and fats food.

If there are steps there are very few.

Will ask J.

Hi Barbara, thanks very much for the info. We are going easyjet and since the bad reviews were written, the airport appears to have installed toilets and a fast food place airside.

Can you tell me... is it far from the main terminal to Billi - would you recommend staying there for as long as possible before going to Billi?

And are there any stairs between check-in and boarding the aircraft?


Well got back last night from a Ryain air flight....CHECK in at Bordeaux...

OH MY lighter than light.

You will have your little case checked for size/Time and time again.

Do check in a larger case for kiddlies things...YOU will surely need to do that.

LIQUIDS can be carried in the check in case.

WIPES CARRIED in the hand lugage.

We came back via Easy Jet....EASIER.
There is no gentle service.

However all the kids on the flight back seemed fine and not agitated.

Our flight was delayed by 4 hours due to air traffic control strike...

I had to furrage for info.

It was not publicly made known.

feel free to ask me more if you wish