Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enlargement surgery

Money doesn’t buy you happiness then.

completely crazy IMO… but he obviously felt very strongly, that he was lacking something… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ll cancel mine & save my money, in that case


65, lol, why?

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Simply because, due to progressive shrinkage, the member becomes increasingly hard to find when nature calls. Dinkee-shrinkee :joy:


Peter isn’t it a case of everything else growing in size? I have a suspicion that might be true for me :grin:

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I’d have superfast shrinkage if someone approached my member with syringe…:wink:


No syringes involved. I used to work in plastic surgery. Raise a flap of belly pork, stitch it into a sausage shape and wrap it round the weeny till the graft takes, then cut it free. Job done! A real stand-up success (err…perhaps not) :joy:

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As the ladies say “anything less than a carrot…”

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No good if he was Jewish though (many diamond dealers are) :rofl:

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… doit se faire râpée ? :carrot::grimacing:

:hushed: and we thought chopping onions made you cry :joy:


Could happen to a (Catholic) Bishop.

“the member becomes increasingly hard” ?

You might try cooking it in goose-fat for twenty minutes in a medium oven.

I’m not sure we have a pan large enough for me to sit in or if the stove could take the weight.

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Please guys, don’t lead me any further on with this one, I’ve been in enough trouble as it is over the Nikita chick-lit, and I didn’t start the phalloplasty thread… :scream::joy:

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the rule of MMS

20 years old = matin midi soir
30 years old = mardi mercredi samedi
40 years old = mars mai septembre

60 years = mes meilleurs souvenirs !


Reminds me of a favourite joke that I have unashamedly stolen
A man looses his willie in an accident. A couple of days later the surgeon goes to see him and explains. The man is naturally upset, however the surgeon reassures him. ‘ We have a new operation that will make you as good as new, it is £ 1000 an inch but you are going to get £10000 as compensation for the accident , however you will need to talk to your wife ‘. Why my wife ‘ asks the man. ‘ Think about it ‘ replies the surgeon ‘ If you had nine inches before and you only get five to replace it she may be disappointed but if you had five inches before and you go for nine she could be shocked. The victim agrees to talk to his wife about it all. The next day the surgeon returns. ‘ Did you talk to your wife ?’ ‘Yes’ ‘and what did you decide ?
‘We are getting granite worktops ‘


The man was a billionaire. So he really really didn’t need to worry about the size of his willy or disappointing women in any way.