Biotex equivalent?

Has anyone found a French equivalent for biotex? The enzyme based pre-soaking powder for laundry.

It’s been a tough season on our gite sheets, what with lots of suncream and hot sweaty people so I have used up the supplies I have. And I hate having slightly grey/yellowed sheets. Have used blanchisseur, bicarbonate and a whole tub of vanish oxyclean but the sheets really don’t look as white as they should do. And some of the sheets are less than a year old so I really can’t afford to replace them so soon.

Help appreciated.

Is this it?

Must confess I have bought a small box of Ariel, to soak OH’s working togs… so much oil/grease/dirt … not going to send it down the drains though… have a spot in the garden earmarked… weeds had better watch out :thinking::zipper_mouth_face::wink:

Don’t shout as this comment is at least a little tongue-in-cheek but when you can get a fitted double sheet for 3,50€ why keep them going for more than a season?

Yes! It never occurred to me to look online. Trouble is I hate Amazon so will have to see if I can get it from other outlets. 7€ a box, but perhaps worthwhile…

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You vandal you! Look up the environmental issues around cotton production and you will treat every cotton rag carefully and with respect as many will have been produced by poorly paid labour and using vast amounts of scarce water. So no, we try to get fair trade sourced sheets and keep them in use for as long as we can before recycling them into something else.

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Now Jane - I did say not to shout :slight_smile:

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I confess I am very puzzled by the product description on that Amazon page

I shudder to think what that would do to my sheets!

Apart from anything else the description seems to be confused as to whether we are talking about Maple syrup or Honey as I’m not aware the latter is “made from tree sap”.

But, no, I am sure that it would not whiten your sheets either way!

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