Bip & Go Telepeage

I have a Bip & Go Telepeage tag which is great when I am driving by myself on the Autoroute. I intend to get a new car when I am in France. Is it ok if I use the tag in the new car or is it tied to just one vehicle. I emailed Bip & go but they may have “gone” and are yet to respond.

I transferred mine to another vehicle without issue.

The tag is registered to your account regardless of what vehicle you’re driving. I regularly use mine in 4 vehicles with no problems at all.

Yep. Go to their website where you can order new screen sockets to put in each car.

Mine is used across four cars plus my neighbour’s a lot of the time :rofl:

You can log in to the website and change the car that it is registered against but I think this is only important for using it outside of France, though I forget which country.

From the Bip & Go website:

“the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge is not connected to one particular vehicle. It can therefore be used for the light vehicle (class 1, 2 and 5) of your choice.”

Thanks for the info everyone. Clearly nothing to worry about.

My BipandGo account on their website did ask me to associate my badge with a specific vehicle when I signed up - but you can change the registration plate that is linked to the badge.

According to the info on the BipandGo app, they want to know the registration number so you can use the badge “outside France” - in my case that would be Spain and Portugal if I ever went there!

However, when I had a BipandGo issued through Emovis in the UK, they didn’t ask me for a vehicle registration number. Maybe my old Bippy thing was only valid for France, I can’t remember.

Anyway the consensus seems to be that if you are just going to France you are OK with any vehicle in classes 1, 2 and 5 (1= light vehicles under 2m height / under 3.5 tonnes. 2= intermediate vehicles under 3m height / 3.5 tonnes, 5 = motorbikes).