Birdnet app

Just discovered birdnet app and downloaded it onto my phone. What fun!

We have these small twittery birds that sit high up in our trees and I thought I’d worked out what they were but wasn’t completely sure. Pointed my phone at one of them and birdnet has confirmed what I thought - they are common whitethroats.

The app has been developed by Cornell University and it’s free. It’s really well done as you can click onto further links which tell you more about the bird and you can watch videos and recordings to get extra confirmation it really is that bird.


How wonderful! Thanks Sue.

It’s a great tool. If you have any feedback do provide it as they really take notice. You tend to get into an email exchange with the project leaders and very interesting it is too!

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Good tip Sue.

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Despite being by Cornell, I presume it uses your location to search for European species?

Yes. They cover US / Canada / Europe

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Just what I wanted. There was some beautiful birdsong from high up in the trees along the River Severn when I was walking the dog. I will revisit today with app and binoculars.

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If you were in France I’d say Golden Orioles. :grin: Do tell us when you find out.

Thanks for that I’m enjoying it already John

It’s not just Cornell. They are working in partnership with Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany.

The areas of the database it searches are filtered according to your location, so that only likely birds are included


Just downloading it as I write. Will use it and report.
Thank you.

Birdnet is a really great app. And another I use along the same lines, a plant identification app called ‘Picture this’. Photograph a plant, leaves, flowers and it identifies it almost always. There’s a free trial, but I found it so useful, I pay $20/year subscription or something like that. I’ve found some useful and valuable plants that was, as well as just snapping any I don’t recognise.

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@Pir8ped That’s good to know John. I was wondering whether there was a plant equivalent. I’ve got some self-seeded trees and a small thing in a pot that came as an intruder in an arrangement - I’m not sure it isn’t a cannabis plant!