Birds, Birds, Birds!

Thanks Sue - that is a very interesting site! I shall try to get a better look at the chaps tomorrow and see if I can get further (corrected from fuhrer…sigh…) with identifying them. They were certainly very smart-looking !

Didn’t realize they were from Germany :wink::yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oops… :blush:… corrected…

It just looked different, mostly because its beak is not sparrow-like, but much finer. The top of its head is grey, and the grey continues under its chin. And its coloring is more vivid and complex than a sparrow. I looked for it on and hey presto!


I’ve probably been looking at them for ages, thinking they were sparrows :smiley: Of course failing eyesight doesn’t help with spotting differences either. The big white birds I saw could have been anything - I only knew they weren’t swans :rofl:

If they were startlingly white and tall and slim with long legs and a long neck, almost certainly they were great white egrets. There are smaller versions as well. Interestingly you say “they”. The smaller egrets are almost always “they”. The large egrets quite often are solitary.

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That’s very interesting Sue, thank you! I’ve seen a solitary one in the field next to ours but just up the road there was definitely quite a collection of them!