Birth date wrong on new carte de sejour

Anyone had any experience of sorting out incorrect info on their carte de sejour?
We have just received our post-Brexit cartes de sejour (yippee!).
My delight is only tempered by the fact that my birth date is incorrectly shown as 04 and not 14.
Anyone else had to deal with anything like this? If so, how easy was it to sort out?
I wonder if I ought to just let sleeping dogs lie?

Bizarrely, this happened to OH’s mother when she arrived in the UK after the war. The one in her paperwork was misread as a seven (European 1 has a “downwards tick”). She never dared tell anyone, for fear of her right to stay being questioned (she came from a part of the world where you kept quiet about anything like that.) It meant she had to wait an additional 6 years before getting her state pension. The error in my paperwork in contrast is trivial. :slight_smile:


Tricky. Amelie has screwed up my wife’s surname and normal usage name. But since it’s taken from October for her Carte Vitale to “go into production” (stamping a bit of plastic seems to be a major undertaking) we’ve decided to wait until we have it in our hot, sweaty palms before rather than risk opening up the whole thing again. Maybe let sleeping dogs lie for a while Sue.

I’d probably email the prefecture directly, you are not the only one with mistakes. It isn’t like it is your fault, just a typo I’d say!

Speaking as a French person if there’s a mistake you need to send it back straight away - photocopy it, both sides, so you have a couple of copies and send the original back with a covering letter, en recommandé avec accusé de réception.


Thanks Vero. Presumably with a copy of my birth certificate as well? Though they have that from first time round.
It was also a mistake on my previous CdS but it’s such small printing I never noticed.

Yes absolutely - you can mention that too! :blush:

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I know a woman with three children who moved in to Saone-et-Loire and they changed her into a man.

Well, once she’d already had her three children, did it really matter?


Reminds me of the time, many years ago, when my wife, Frances, had to go into hospital in England. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she had a private room. The reason? Not everyone knows that Francis/Frances determines your gender, and so they hedged their bets. :laughing:

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