Bit of a crisis

Hello everyone

Well now, a bit of a crisis here. We will be travelling with out GSD Blade to France on 21 July and I have just found out that the dog transporter has not booked accommodation for that night in France.

He has ignored all my emails and discovered today that they went in spam which he has not looked at for some weeks.

He is trying to organise overnight accommodation for the driver, us two and our beautiful dog.

Has anybody in the Abbeville area running south down the A28 towards Blangy-sur-Bresle got accommodation available please ?

The Ibis Hotel in Abbeville accepts dogs, cost is 10 euros.


Most of the hotel booking sites have pet friendly/dogs allowed filters

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Thanks Tim17

Am also doing searches as we ‘speak’

You might end up sleeping woof.


Remember there is an Ibis and an Ibis budget in Abbeville. Buts seems lots of chambre d’hôtes too - although might struggle to get a response today!

John Scully - sleeping woof was my biggest fear :rofl:

Sorted - phew. Gone for the Ibis, all booked. Thanks for the tip off on this hotel

Cheers to all for the national fete !

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