Bit of a longshot but

Does anyone know if there are any scooter clubs or the like in department 14 calvados I found one run by a french guy in haute normandie I messaged him by text as I don’t do Facebook and he was quite rude. I am kind of losing hope and since summer is on its way I really want to find some like minded people to go riding with

Work your way through the listings on this link… some one might be able to help…

This link brings up 3 Associations in 14 (right at the bottom of the page) … you could contact them (click on the Club name-in-blue)… they are not specific Vespa though…

Now you mention it, I have to say I have seen very few scooters on the road in Calvados.

If you don’t find any official clubs, one thing you could do is join onvasortir, organise a scooter run, and see if there’s any interest. - free to join and use.

I see sombody has organised an event in Caen on the 10th inviting bikers to join a demo on foot against the 80kph speed limit, followed by a moto ride. Could be a way to meet likeminded folk.

Mark, are you a Vespa or Lambretta man?

Have you seen this?

Thanks all, Timothy sorry not seen that one its a Facebook page I don’t do fb I’m afraid but I am a vespa rider

I’ve only ever had Lambrettas.

There are several Vespa Clubs on FB, does anyone you know have an FB account?

Do you still have a lammie?

No, I’ve thought about bringing one over from the UK but the roads are so crap here and I don’t know anyone else who’s got one so I’d have to go off on my own which ain’t a lot of fun.

Just found this -