Bite the bullet and moving from orange

So after yet another horrendous bill for my mobile and my landline plus livebx at 1 meg connection I have decided to swap to free.

9.99 for the box.

15.99 for the mobile with unlimited 4g if we have the live box. Had a friend here for past 4 days with their phone on free mobile and 4g nearly all the time. Even the 3g is far faster than 1 meg currently with orange.

Have 2 friends on same contract and their bills are so solid and flat every month no added money ever and all calls to other countries are free also.

Opting for the upgraded phone though with 4g++ as my phones 4g is not that great.

Ooh youre so brave :relieved::relieved:

Go for it Harry… keep us up to date with your progress… please… :relaxed:

got to be better than getting 140€ bills so i can get decent speed internet.

My wife has been with free for 5 years now also but no internet. Never had an issue.

well our neighbour across the road has been with them for 3 years and he loves his high speed internet.

NO complaints there and apparently quite allot of the village is on free.

Make sure Orange don’t keep taking money from your account.

my wife will be cancelling that straight after the bill is paid. Spoke to orange today they assure us its cancelled and we have an email as well advising the same

The thing that always stops me changing is having to sort out a new email address. We have so many things linked to the 6 different orange emails we use that it would be a nightmare to change.

its why we never signed up with an orange email. we used our own emails as its always been that way. its how companies stop people leaving them.

Do you stop being able to use Orange emails when you stop being a customer? I stopped being a customer almost six years ago but I can still use the email account I have from them.

orange used that as a point for me not moving. they stressed i would loose all access to any emails. I pointed out I have never used it.

Most 99% of companies claim they take it away. Orange im told does it too.

No idea…I should find out as it might sway decisions should one day we have a choice of provider here. At the moment it’s Orange or nothing. Well with the speed of the network here it might as well be nothing most days…

We have our personal addresses too, but generally use orange addresses for things that might generate junk mail and as a contact from our website. So possible to untangle it, but one of those dull admin tasks that are easy to postpone.

hahaha I have an email account *****

I use that for junk mail.

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Think you will find that a new European law was passed last year forbidding company’s from withdrawing your email address if you change supplier, or it starts this year.

That’s interesting, thanks!

We have no choice here but a thread on Facebook pointed out that SOSH is the budget Orange ie web based only customer service - believe me no customer service via orange phone lines is no loss. The difference in premiums swung it for me - ADSL line in my case - absolutely the same offer ie Liveboxand phone via Livebox - free call all over the world deal as norm - Orange charged us 37 euros a month - SOSH - 20 Euros a month. One snag I had to phone to arrange - local shop in Carhaix point blank refused to assist - my french aint too hot but luckily enough I got a guy who spoke english and within minutes our phone contract was via SOSH - absolutely no hassle as its a subsidiary of Orange - my first premium is due shortly - so fingers crossed all goes well - same email address by the way.

That has always been my greatest concern - change of email address - it makes me shudder to think of the hassle - so I hope this comes into play.