Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful
Orange and white are great summer colors, and grey is nice for the autumn .. but a black cat’s coat never goes out of style!
There are so many reasons why black cats make amazing pets. Unfortunately, it’s always more challenging to find forever homes for these chic felines. If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, why not consider a black beauty? After all, he’ll go with everything!
Amour is aptly named and had a pretty tough beginning; he was abandoned with three of his siblings, he is now a 3 month old adorable kitten that is ready for adoption; vaccinated, microchipped (number 250268730075554) and neutered.
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She who laps last, laps best
Have you ever watched your cat drink? You might need a high-speed camera to see what’s actually going on! A cat only laps with the tip of her tongue. So how does she quench her thirst? As she dips her tongue in and out, the water forms a column that flows right into her mouth. The key is to be quick – she laps at an incredible rate of about four times a second!

I did hear the news Valerie and was super, super pleased for you all!!!

When you have some photos please share them!

Amour is one of twins, so there are plenty for everyone and they are so cuddly, gorgeous cats

Oh she's so cute! Spitting image of my Chloe when she was a baby. I'm sure you will get lots of responses for this one, she's adorable. I have rather a house full at the moment (ask Melissa, lol) but she's beautiful and the tilt of the head? - brilliant picture.