Black Squares

It seems to me that there are far too many black squares appearing against contributor's names. Please keep the site civilized and stop hiding behind a metaphorical veil.


Camera plus mirror. Not quite correct visually but would suffice.

Thank you! x

I know & that's why I won't do that.

No we wouldn't know but you'd look pretty stupid if and when you meet up with some SFN members in the flesh and they see you've been masquerading as someone else!! As Andrew said, not what the site is all about :)

I've got one of when I was about 4 years old - will that do?

Alternatively I could just post a photo of any random person & you wouldn't know, would you? I'd rather keep my integrity & not do that, so you'll just have to bear with until I can train either the cat or the daughter (when she next deigns to visit) to oblige.

I've tried to work out how to use the webcam (Apple MacBook) but it's not giving me any clues.

Ditto - wot Andrea said - sorry

This seems to have got out of sequence; sorry again

Agree 100%, David. Andrea, surely you have a photo of you somewhere on your computer, or can scan one or take one with a webcam...? It's just soooo impersonal and against what sfn is all about ;-)

Like! Our cats are useless shutterbugs too. They've stopped using the watercolours we bought them as well.