Blackbird V Two ton Japanese engineering

Blackbird 1 Nissan Elgrand 0 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, whilst cutting the grass a few days ago I stopped to go and get petrol from the far away garage, walked past the Elgrand and into the garage, picked up the can and as I went to come out I heard a thud and a weird cracking noise.
I could not see anything but as I went to pass the Elgrand, I noticed a male blackbird flapping around on the ground, it then hopped away, that’s when I saw what the weird cracking noise was a blackbird had flew into the rear screen smashing it into a million pieces :scream::grimacing:

Now the rear window is almost impossible to get new as the Elgrand is a personal Japanese import and probably the only one in France, cue 3 days trying to make a new one out of perspex which is really quite difficult, due to having to heat and soften the perspex as the screen is really curved at the ends, it is now water and wind tight and will do till I can get back to the UK and source another one to fit.
Probably the best option will be to get a whole rear door off a breaker and change them over.
I bet the blackbird had a sore head afterwards :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not surprised it broke.

According to Wikipedia a Blackbird flies at 3529km/h. I’m surprised the Elgrand didn’t undergo an SUD¹ event…


¹ Sudden Unplanned Disassembly

What bad luck!
Lucky you though having the skills to get some perspex and protect it quickly.

I had two sheets of perspex in the garage I bought to secondary glaze the cottage to conservatory doors but hadn’t got round to it, as for skill the first attempt was really poor so it got ripped off, the second one looks ok from a distance :laughing: