Blank page

When I try to log in to SF with Safari on my mac I just get a SF page header but no page. But I can log in with Chrome.
Has something changed or is something my end?


No idea… let’s ask James… @james

I was not able to replicate your experience using Safari on a Mac so I would suggest you clear your Safari cache and try again please.



Thanks for that. Did the clear cache but not cookies and no change. Except Safari is now running a lot quicker! If I click on any of the headings in the banner showing it just brings up the same blank white page.

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It does this sometimes on my tablet, a Kindle Fire, so it may be your device.

I don’t know what to suggest in that case, I think it is isolated to your machine though, maybe make sure you have the latest updates. Or just use Chrome or Firefox!

Did it to me for much of yesterday. Think it went away when I had to restart the browser for other reasons so could be a browser issue but not had any bother before and it seems odd that it would be happening to other people at the same time.

Well, operating normally again on Safari!!! At least I know abut clearing caches now…

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