Blight resistant basil?

I’m cross with myself as last year or the year before I spotted on a UK site a blight (sorry can’t remember what it is called, it is awful, leaves start with a slight grey tinge and within days are all black and dead - apparently wiping out a lot of basil all over Europe for years now) resistant basil and I stupidly didn’t order at the time. I haven’t actually grown it for a few years as I was devastated about 4 years ago having my huge basil crop (I think I had 50 or 60 plants as I was hoping to make pesto for the year). anyway of course I now can’t order from the UK.

Has anyone seen the blight resistant seeds here?

This is what you need I think

List all the varieties to look for…

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Great article, thanks Jane.

So the American uni Rutgers has the most successful. These are the only ones that have ‘Haute Resistance’ to both powdery mildew and Fusilium Wilt (that was the word Iwas looking for!)

‘Rutgers Devotion DMR’ HR HR
‘Rutgers Obsession DMR’ HR HR
‘Rutgers Passion DMR’ HR HR
‘Rutgers Thunderstruck DMR’ HR HR

Looks like I can get them at Kokopelli - yah will do an order this week!

Just had another look and can’t find it anywhere else. I might see if I can have a look on Dutch ebay!

I can thoroughly recommend Kokopelli if you haven’t used then before @Tory The founders appear to be completely barking but it is run on sustainable principles and has the aim of supplying seeds that are not F1 to communities who would benefit…

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