Blinds to cover a large area and keep the sun out

Has anyone found blinds to cover large windows which effectively keep out the sun?
We have a gallery joining the two parts of our house and with these summers we really now need to do something to keep this part of the house cool.

would an external retractable Store á cassette such as this one from Amazon France do the trick?

I’ve seen some people in town just hang full length grey net curtains from the shallow terrace roof that they have in order to keep the sun out of their large lounge windows. Looks quite smart - Paris grey of course. :slight_smile:

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Not really. We need them indoors to cover the huge window we have in our gallery.
Thanks though.

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That’s a possibility, but maybe something a bit more substantial.

Mondial tissue have heat excluding fabric for curtains and blinds.

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another idea - solar film anti-UV


Non-adhesive static tinted film - Our tinted window coatings are glue-free, chemical-free, very easy to install, just make sure that the window surface is completely clean and has no imperfections. Remember to use a large mixture of soap/water to soak the adhesive side and the window. This removable solar window vinyl is made of environmentally friendly PVC, with a thickness of 0.15 mm. No need for glue when applying. It’s convenient. Easy to tear, leaves no trace.

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Maybe you should knit/crochet something suitable :thinking:?


Would that not help keep the heat in though?

@Jane_Williamson I’ve just ordered a 60x1000 cm roll of the brown/silver roll suggested for our study/office windows/doors 2 elevations of which are in full sun all day so I’ll be able to tell you how it goes after we get in our man who does to fit it.
There will be some offcuts so if you would like a sample, PM me.

Hi Jane, I purchased a couple of blinds from and I’m really pleased with them. These have blackout linings and do go up to big sizes ( we needed the 120 x 220) for a cloakroom and an en suite. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any other info :slightly_smiling_face:

Had this at work on south facing windows. Brilliant at keeping heat out. Ours gave a mirror like finish on the outside, almost clear from the inside. Thoroughly recommend.

However, I could not fit it myself, its a product that required expert installation to avoid minor lumps and air bubbles.

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We have this on the majority of our windows, as we did in the UK, and it works very well. Fitted it ourselves, not an onerous job!


Thanks, Jim has decided that he wants curtains that he can pull back when he wants to.
The width of our window is 4.4 x 3 metres!

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The Mondial tissus fabrics looked nice and not stiff or anything. It might on reflection have been lining stuff

Hahaha it was good up to that point.
I have installed a fair few meters of window film but not for 15 years and I have just begun to look back at that market.

I think you may need to block the sun on the outside to keep out the heat. There is a salle des fêtes where we live in France that have interior blackout blinds on a glazed wall since it is used as a theatre. In the late summer afternoon, when the brise soleil is no longer effective, with the sun shining on the glazed wall, the hall becomes an oven and the blackout blinds are like radiators.

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Some blackout blinds are reflective to a degree for reflecting solar. Is the glass double or single glazed, gas filled etc. There needs to be more detail before commenting to look at an outcome thats favorable.

Thats fine, film wont prevent that and will still work at reducing the solar gain whereas curtains could still struggle on their own and would require a degree of relectiveness to reduce the solar gain.

We can line the curtains with heat excluding fabric.
We have a friend with an industrial sewing machine and she would do it for us.