Blistering plasterboard

Anyone have any ideas?

We removed this awful wood look plastic sheeting from the walls. It had been glued on so it has removed the top layer of the plasterboard, I have tried skimming it with French ready made plaster but it has blistered underneath. I have cut the sections out and filled the holes on this wall but am looking for ideas of how to seal the plasterboard on the other walls. I googled :slight_smile: and it says about using PVA glue to paint on the walls to seal it, it also mentions diluting the PVA before painting onto the pasterboard??? Any advice?? Thanks

It’s really old plasterboard, nothing like the new stuff we are putting up now. I’ve put some PVA on and will have a go at plastering over it once it is dry :slight_smile: thanks

Hello Joanne

I know this may sound daft but are you sure its plaster board ,because if you managed to take the first layer of plaster board off then sounds to me like you have a fairly bad damp problem that PVA is not going to fix

It is primarily for sealing plasterboard pre paint finish. Blistered plaster can be a variety of things, give the pva a try it could just be that the plaster is not bonding well, otherwise there may be an issue behind the plasterboard, damp maybe. Certainly try the pva to bond and see.

I have tried painting with undercoat however the plasterboard still blisters up, so I will give the PVA glue a try. Thanks ( or is this a special type of undercoat?)

Many thanks will give this a go, we have PVA glue in a tube so will try a small patch first

Hiya Joanna, Tony is quite right, I have done a fair bit of dry lining, have pva'd and used diluted emulsion as a base, but to be honest, head to a local Mr Bricolage, they sell tubs of plasterboard undercoat, ignore the ones that are 50 euros!! bottom shelf (in my local one anyway) you will find a budget one, 10l for 12 euros, much like a diluted emulsion, goes on well, bit splattery so do dust cover and have a wet rag to hand, two coats and it gives a superb base for the top coat of your choice.

No need for you to worry about mixes so simples lol!

Product is, 1er Sous Couche Plaques de Platre blanc mat 10L

Hello Joanna,

PVA bonding will seal your plaster but it's not always a good idea to do that if it's on old walls. If you are looking at old thick walls it is better to let them breath. If you are just looking to seal plasterboard walls before painting then PVA bonding dilluted will do the trick.


Tony Cox