Blog all about France!

Bonjour everyone!

I’ve started a blog called French Affliction, which is all about French culture, travel, language and food and drink.

The web address is:

I would be really grateful if you could have a quick read of my blog (and perhaps leave a comment or two if you wouldn’t mind please)!!

Merci! :slight_smile:

Hi Emily!
I had a quick look: lots of good info, nice graphics.

But, me being an old guy, for me the videos moved too fast, my brain tried to get all the movement in, creating an overload of info :relaxed:. I think I have looked at your site when things move a bit slower.


Hi Emily, I liked the presentation, but thought it very Paris centred. Why do you have to comment using Instagram or Twitter?

Good job Emily - nice, clean, contemporary site - easy to navigate. Feels very much like a travelogue for those sharing your interest and love of France. Although positive and interesting it maybe a bit too romanticised / rose tinted - if you get my drift. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your replies everyone, I really appreciate it! Jane, I included the option of commenting on Instagram or Twitter on the blog as those are the main places where I promote it at the moment. You make a really good point - I think I’ll reword that bit on my blog, as it’s not very clear! :slight_smile:

I would be very grateful if anyone who’s had a quick look at the blog could please leave a comment on the blog with what they thought about it. I know you’re all really busy and I don’t mean to spam you I promise - I’d just be really grateful if you could leave a small comment on the blog if you’ve enjoyed reading it!

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile: