(Shelby Hill) #1

Blogging has been a favorite activity of mine for quite sometime. When I got a nice new shiny blue and white iMac back in 2002, I joined a site called Spymac and began blogging. I enjoyed the community there immensely and spent 4 happy years interacting there. I also wasted a lot of time, but I made a lot of friends.

Since then I've used LiveJournal, Blog-City, and Blogger. LiveJournal is fun for the recipe communities. I like the groups there, but no one reads my blog there. Sniff.

I like Blog-City's stability so I used that for my old jewelry business that I'm closing down after 4 happy, instructive and stressful years. I currently have tried to pick up on blogging again for the pleasure and not for work at the Blogger site. I just can't get the knack of their way of doing things. I usually upload from my iPhone from BlogPress. I love that lil app.

So now here I am. What will become of this blog? Time will tell. I've done the Ning thing before and didn't succeed. I see it can upload to Twitter! Let's try again. I hope I make some friends!

(Catharine Higginson) #2

Hope it works this time! x