If you want your blogs included in the SFN blog page - list them here please as they will get lost on the comment wall. Thanks!

Once your blog has been uploaded to the blogroll PAGE (this is a discussion - sorry if that was not clear) - your comments will be deleted from this discussion thread so that I can keep on top of it.

If you’d like to change the category etc., just leave a comment on my page or send me a message.

Oh - I didn't even realize there was blogroll on here! ;-)

Here's my blog about life in France...I've had it since 2006...

Off to check out the other blogs listed now...

Can I be a real pain please?

Could you change my blog name to Helen Aurelius Haddock - Writer Blog please?

The URL is the same, and it can stay in French Lifestyle section of the blog roll

Many thanks!!!

Thanks Catherine heres the link to my blog

Merci - could we now have a section dealing with China and its attendant lifestyle too....... ;- 0

Done. Sorry I thought I had done it the other day but clearly forgot to press 'save' - sorry! x

Hi ther Catharine - who do I "see" about changing where my blog is listed? I saw a name, but can't find it?

Ideally I'd like it in the "main" sewction, despite the fact I am currently writing about my adventures in China - will be back home by Tuesday, so France will be back on the Haddock table......

I would like my blog added to the blog roll page if possible

Thank you - hope to hear from you soon.

Hi - can I ask for a transfer please?

I see I am in the Food and Drink category of the blogroll, but I am trying to vary the content.

Could I be placed in the main catergory - life in France etc?


Haddock In The Kitchen

You're welcome x

Thank you!

Thanks Catherine and Happy New Year.

Thanks Catharine.

The Blogroll is now up to date - you can access it here!

Happy reading!

Hi David - sorry I need a proper blog not a FB page. You can create one on SFN - see Catnips from Chats du Quercy as an example. Hope this helps!

Hello , we are Domaine du Merchien on face book