Blood test for measuring thyroxine?

I’m having my thyroid removed and don’t want to hang around in the UK waiting for tests and results re how much thyroxine to take. Can I have this specific test done in France and send results to doctor?

Are you registered with a doctor in France ???

Theoretically the blood test for TSH or T4 can be done and analysed within 24 hours. Just go to a french GP of your choice, get a blood sample taken and tell him (request) that he sends it to a lab to do the above specific tests. The results you can then send where you like. The surgeon probably wont accept them and will want to do his own. So if you are having the Thyroid gland removed (in the UK) why the testing in France when they can do the same in the UK. Surely testing and removal in France is a better option considering the present viral situation.

My friend and ex-neighbour had her thyroid removed about 18 months ago. She has had regular blood tests since then to try to get the thyroxine dosage correct. It’s been an ongoing process far more than a single blood test. As Roger has explained its straightforward to have the tests done in France.

Not quite right, the MT doesn’t take the blood, he/she will give you the prescription to give to the laboratory, who take the blood and do the analysis (or you can get the local infirmier to take your blood, and get it to the lab). Results are normally available to you and your MT online next day,

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As Roger says T4/TSH should turn round is less than 24 hours in any UK lab - the waiting around is caused more by the fact that it takes 4-6 weeks for the values to settle out after a dose change.

Post thyroidectomy (I do hope that isn’t for anything sinister) 100µg is a common starting dose but there is a formula (bodyweight - age + 125) which might be a better predictor of the dose that you will require.

My GP gives me a prescription for a blood test by the nurse at home; results by email later same day.

Yes, we too have had a Nurse make a home-visit to take blood… There is no problem getting the necessary prescription if the situation demands it. It is a very useful service. :hugs:

As nurses are over-worked in our area, we try to keep such visits to a minimum and usually take ourselves off to our local “Dracula’s Den”.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I had cancer in the first half which was removed, hence the planned removal of the other half in a few weeks. Both ops in the UK. But I want to go to our holiday home in SW prior to its being rented out from the end of July. Frankly, having read your replies, I too think it’s highly unlikely that the surgeon will allow results from a French lab but I will ask.
Thanks again for all your replies, it’s much appreciated

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