Bloody Facebook

I am sick of it, only give it house room because it keeps me in touch with my son in Thailand (soon to be China).

The latest nonsense is that I can’t add a post to my own FB page, what’s all that about?

I thought I had cracked it yesterday, don’t ask me how but after going through several motions ( :roll_eyes: if only it was that simple) I came up with a panel containing an invitation to make a post and duly did so. Where is it? Certainly not on my webpage. I asked Annabel one of Fran’s health visitors and a youngster of 52, and she was baffled, and suggested I add a comment to my post of last December describing my joy at Opie’s arrival. I did so but it is not a post, it is just what I thought it would be, a comment on an old post and there is where it stays. Who scrolls down for up to date news for goodness sake?

Still no contact with Fran’s daughter in law since FB suddenly closed my account (for not keeping up with their rules :astonished:) and then re-instating it a day later without any explanation and also without some of my vital contacts, including said DinL our only contact with her terminally ill son.

I am told the world now uses Whattsapp and Instagram but when I try to sign up to either I get lost in a merry-go-round world of old passwords, MS, Google, FB etc. and end up exactly where I started.

I am not a dinosaur, but what’s wrong with texting and emailing? :rage:

Rant over, but still no (useful) Facebook. :slightly_frowning_face:


Can’t help much as don’t have a facebook page. But I do have an account (for the driving licence group/mark rimmer). If you PM the name of Fran’ daughter and country she lives in I could try to find her.

Thanks Jane, I will, but it is a common name and there are at the very least 50 people on FB with that name (gave up at that point) . When I was in England she says she is still messaging me, but on Instagram (which she thinks is the same thing) but no use to me. Phone calls , emails, and texts don’t reach her. she is almost paralysed due to MS and spends all day in a wheelchair until the blessed relief of the arrival of the nurses every day at 5pm to winch her into bed. Her husband, Fran’s son, is an alcoholic and was at the pub when I visited, and who had a near death experience in hospital just before Christmas.

Fran’s daughter only is in touch if I contact her and then in only single short sentences, the son in Ireland is uncontactable and uninterested anyway, as is Fran it seems to me. I don’t know why I bother with such a dysfunctional family.

Unlike friends, you can’t really choose family🙄

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Use whatsapp. Free to make calls if you’ve got wifi, no limit on words, secure. I’m out of FB far too insecure.


I think you should focus on WhatsApp, it’s very straightforward. It’s not really social media (with all the crap that implies) it’s person to person or person to a group messaging. Handier and more immediate than email. All it needs is the person’s phone number. No ads or other distractions and theoretically private with end to end encryption. However I think you must have it on you phone, do you use a smart phone? The versions on tablets and PCs piggyback on the phone application.

On smartphones, a pal of mine in London resisted buying a one until recently when discovered it had become the only way to get tickets and gain entry to his favourite team’s matches🤭


Come on John, I think you know me better than that. :rofl:
If I can’t get it on the PC, I can’t get it, and that goes for Instagram as well. The only thing the Daughter in Law understands apparently.
@Shunt I could only use it if I could get it to accept me, so far, like Instagram, it won’t

Had the same trouble with FB 6 months or so ago, the reason I lost contact with the D in L. But I now have a clue as to what happened, though I still don’t know why and I still don’t know what to do about it.
Quite by chance I have discovered that I have 2 FB accounts, which is why the 2nd (hidden) one published the post I managed somehow to make earlier. The first, (main) one will not allow me to make posts anymore. If I could cancel the 2nd things might change, but I wouldn’t count on it, in fact am expecting to be blocked from both any minute. :roll_eyes:

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How about buying a “slighly smarter” phone :slightly_smiling_face: One that can run WhatsApp and the you can use the PC version. You’re not stuck with trying to use it on the phone’s little screen and silly keyboard.

But the problem is not the phone but Whatsapp, it takes me round in circles which lead nowhere with the result that I can’t get it, even when downloaded on the computer. It asks for a current password, won’t accept it, then asks me to open an account and then won’t accept the new password I choose.

In any case why would I want to type below and watch on any kind of little screen when I have a perfectly good big screen with large buttons on the computer? Sorry just noticed you covered that point but getting it on a phone and transferring to a computer seems even more unlikely to me.

There is a young lady (only 64) coming in in the morning for an hour and I will ask Fran to wait and see if she can get me sorted. I know she uses Whatsapp.

Because everything is now built to run on mobile devices !

Whatsapp can be linked to a computer from a smartphone - opera browser has this facility baked in - but you MUST have a SP to use it because Whatsapp uses your telephone number to identify your unique account.

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As I mentioned David, WhatsApp runs on your phone, the tablet or PC app piggybacks off that. So you must have it installed on your phone to use it on other devices.


So that rules out Whatsapp then, and Instagram too by the sounds of it.

But to return to FB, Gill is certain that my account there has been pirated or whatever and that is really why there are 2. What they get out of that I have no idea, but neither do I have any idea how to rectify the situation because I don’t know which one is genuine.

If I close number 2 I will not have all my ‘friends’, except Davey, my son, and Michelle in Australia listed. If I close number one I will have all my friends, except Michelle, back but be unable to post anything at all.

If I keep them both I will be able to message in both but might be running a risk of infringing the rules and having both of them shut down.

Not a serious dliemma, I am fed up with it altogether, but it might destroy some family contacts.

I guess the folks in Taiwan will be relieved. THEY thought they were first on the list :slight_smile:

. . . . . . I’ll get me coat . . . .


Whats wrong with email or whatsapp (whatsapp no goody in China).

I didn’t notice how that could be taken that way :roll_eyes:, :smile:


True, but you can cut contact.

Why don’t you try WhatsApp , you can message, call and send photos. Just need mobile numbers and internet.
My wife was also reluctant to get a smartphone. She now has a cheap one with the cheapest Reglo pay as you go, a out 3€ a month, mainly for WhatsApp

I wonder if this will work this time, I have already put my first reply to @Eddie_Ridgment in a new thread, but now I discover I have not 1, not 2, but 3 FB accounts. :rofl:

Somebody somewhere is playing silly buggers and I will cease trying to find the reasons why because in all 3 I can send and receive messages. Just can’t make new posts in 2 of them. :astonished:

Apart from that, one account thinks I have 11 friends, another that I have just 2, and in the 3rd I am completely friendless. :worried: :slightly_frowning_face: :joy: :rofl:

Edit: It worked, at last, I am not a non-person here any more. :joy: